Wireless Router ZyXEL NBG412W3G compatible 3G USB Modems

Below there is a list with working 3G USB Modems for ZyXEL NBG412W3G wireless router.
Features of ZyXEL NBG412W3G wireless router :

  • 4 LAN ports and a WAN port – all 100 MB/s
  • 3G WAN (using a 3G modem connected to the USB port)
  • 3G as Primary WAN without wired connection
  • 3G as Backup WAN in a wired environment (auto Fail Over/Fail Back)
  • WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g Compliant (54 Mb/s)
  • Firewall Security
  • Command Line Interface (Telnet, SSH)

Working 3G USB modem models :

  • E160E USB Huawei
  • E169 USB Huawei
  • E170 USB Huawei
  • E220 USB Huawei
  • E270 USB Huawei
  • iCON225 USB Option
  • Compass 888 Sierra Wireless

Non-working 3G USB modems

  • K375 USB Huawei

Unknown 3G USB modems

  • E180 USB Huawei
  • E230 (HSUPA)

I’ve tested it with Huawei E270 (not listed on Zyxel site) and it’s works fine. All working modem models are from ZyXEL specs (link dead) for this router.
I’ve tested it with K375 but i couldn’t make it work.

ZyXEL NBG412W3G Firmware version : V4.03 (BDD.5) 08/11/2009

Later edit (28.08.2012): added E160E and E170 Huawey 3G modems

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