D-Link NAS DNS-315 review

Hardware specs :

RAM : 128 MB
CPU : 750 Dual-core SOC CPU
LAN : 1000 MB
USB : One USB 2.0 port
Drive interface : SATA 2
Maximum HDD capacity : 4 TB
Power consumption :
Normal mode: 14.9 W
Sleep mode: 4.3 W

Dlink DNS 315

Dlink DNS 315

Dlink website for DNS315 NAS.

Download D-Link Setup Wizard software : DNS-315_Setup_Wizard_EU_v1.0.0.11.zip

DLink DNS315 Manual – link

Issues : D-Link Sharecenter Itunes server cannot be used with Itunes 11.1 It’s detected but it doesn’t show any data.

Torrent speed is ~ 6MB with original firmware 1.00.

I’ve installed Fonz fun_plug v0.7 using this guide and it’s running fine. The only features I’m using are SSH access and rsync.

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