Sep 16 2013

Acer Aspire One D270 Windows XP drivers

Model : Acer Aspire One D270-26DKK

Specs : Intel Atom N2600 CPU (1.6 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache), 1GB DDR3, 320 GB HDD, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600, Realtek LAN Card, Intel Wireless Card

Drivers for Windows XP :

VGA : intel_graphics_media_accelerator_3600_series-winxp-x86-sp3.zip
LAN : Realtek_RTL_81xx.zip
Wireless LAN : Wireless LAN_Intel_14.0.2.2_W7x86_A.zip
Sound : Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.6066_XPx86_A.zip
Webcam : Camera_liteon_2.103.14.2_XPx86_A.zip
Card reader : CardReader_ENE_5.89.0.66_XPx86_A.zip

Linux (Slax 7) lspci results :

Ethernet Controller : Realtek Semiconductor Co., LTD. RTL 8108E/8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet
Network Controller : Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (rev 34)
Card Reader : Realtek Semiconductor Co., LTD. RTS5116 PCI Express Card Reader (rev 01)


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  1. Marcus

    Thank you so much, made finding these extremely easy (1 of the first results in a google search) and also have helped to make this little machine faster and more stable. Cheers

  2. fik

    how to install this vga in netbook

    1. Bogdan

      Download .zip file, extract it. Go to Device Manager -> VGA Adapter -> Driver -> Update driver -> Browse to the extracted files.

  3. afs

    TANKYOU..very helpfull.

  4. Jay

    hi, have you connect projector after install this VGA driver, I install this driver ,then I can’t connect projector.

    1. Bogdan

      I haven’t tried a projector but you can try a normal monitor first.

  5. m0ebius


    Thanks so much for this post! I had to buy a USB CD/DVD burner to get the WinXP CD to boot, as I was having many issues getting a USB stick to boot windows XP, but now that I have, I have now got WinXP onto it and most of the drivers working, just not the network ones (Downloading the ethernet one now) and then I will tackle the WiFi drivers… The Graphics drivers you supplied work like a charm, and I haven’t got the sound working yet but I will.

    One important question: I tried installing this with the BIOS set to AHCI as I saw AHCI drivers. Did not work, wouldn’t find the hard drive. I then tried IDE option in BIOS, and that worked. Is there any way to get AHCI to work with Win XP or am I stuck with IDE? Will it improve HDD i/o performance if I do use AHCI?

    Thanks a lot for this post!


    1. Bogdan

      Yes, using AHCI wil improve performance. You need to have a Windows XP CD, with SATA drivers embedded. Search for a program called nLite, and some tutorials.

  6. Joro

    Good job man ! Many thanks …

  7. Chandan

    sir i have atheros ar5b125 wifi adapter installed please provide any driver for it

  8. Andres

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  9. nitah

    Thank you very much!!! Finally I found and installed the correct VGA- Driver (after installing ca. 147 times the wrong ones) ;-))) Have Atheros Wlan adapter instead Intel, but no problem, found this special driver elsewhere. Windows 7 Starter was a real nightmare on this netbook – now with Xp and the correct drivers everything works fine and fast!!!

    1. Kbo

      Serias tan amable de compartir los drivers que te funcionaron para disfrutar al igual que tu este equipo…

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