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Aug 19 2016

Solve ssh_exchange_identification connection closed by remote host

I’ve encountered this error message on a CentOS 7 system, the next day after i’ve enrolled it in freeIPA. Until then, SSH from it to other hosts worked fine.

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Jul 26 2013

Thecus N2200EVO NAS review

Image of DeltaCopy available folders on Thecus N2200EVO

A few observations : It’s small and silent. Power consumption is 20W in idle and 36W max. Creating a initial RAID1 from two WD RED 3TB drives took 12 hours. To use the USB Copy option (copy data from a USB stick) you need to plug it in the back USB port.

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Feb 28 2011

Transfer files over SSH to Iphone using USB

In order to SSH to my Iphone i’ve tried a few tutorials until i found one working. So here is how I did and my setup : Iphone : 3GS jailbroken You must have OpenSSH installed. OS : 3.1.3 Itunes version : 9 WinSCP Windows XP / 7

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