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Fail2ban not reading log file pointed by symlink

I am using ISPConfig and Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS x64 server, with a few custom Fail2Ban filters. One of the filters is designed to protect my server from different IP’s stealing bandwidth. Looking in my webalizer logs i noticed several IP’s (mostly from CHINA) downloading files I’ve attached to posts, usually drivers or manuals.

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WordPress Snapshot Backup plugin not working on ISPConfig3

Enable SuEXEC on ISPConfig 3

I have the WordPress Snapshot Plugin installed on 3 of my websites. On 2 of them it’s working – transferring the backup to the desired FTP server, but on one it’s not working as it should. It doesn’t create the backup locally nor uploading it via FTP. The plugin’s window looks like this when hitting …

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Remove ISPConfig maximum upload size of 2M for WordPress

If you are using WordPress on a ISPConfig3 hosting solution with PHP-FPM, you may be limited to 2MB upload size. Error message :

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Change password plugin for squirrelmail on ISPConfig 3

For those who installed ISPConfig 3 and want to give users the ability to change their email password from SquirrelMail, there is a guide on Howtoforge.com which describes the necessary steps in order to install, configure and activate change_sqlpass plugin for SquirrelMail. For me the steps described there were not enough to get it to …

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ISPConfig – Error 500 Internal Server Error

If you install ISPConfig 3 on a Ubuntu Server using Falko Timme tutorial from here and you use PHP-FPM with Apache you may get a “ERROR 500 – Internal Server Error!” message. Error message : ERROR 500 – Internal Server Error! The following error occurred: The requested URL caused an internal server error. If you …

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Fail2ban iptables error on ISPConfig on Ubuntu 11

After installing ISPConfig 3.0.4 on a test machine, along with fail2ban, i saw saw an error in fail2ban log. It seems there was a “race” condition with iptables. My test setup was : ISPConfig 3.0.4 running on Ubuntu 11.04 x64 Server, Fail2ban version 0.8.4 Hardware : IBM x3550, 2 GB RAM, 146 GB SAS 15k

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