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Jun 20 2012

Cisco router temperature monitoring on Ubuntu 12 running Cacti

1. Download and unzip archive : cisco_envmon_temperature.zip You will get 3 xml files : a data query template a graph template SNMP script 2. Import data query template : cacti_data_query_cisco_envmon_temperature.xml 3. Import graph template : cacti_graph_template_cisco_envmon_temperature.xml 4. Copy script cisco_envmon_temp.xml in Cacti resources directory : /usr/share/cacti/resource/snmp_queries in my case and set the same permissions the …

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Apr 04 2011


After replacing a normal router with a Cisco 881K, i had to re-assign static addresses to a couple of printers (actually one – because the other has a LCD panel and i can manually enter it’s IP address). The problem was that Cisco documentation states that after creating a dhcp pool , you just need …

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