Duplicate contact phone label on iPhone

I am syncing my iPhone contacts through GMail with my Android LG Optimus P500 phone, using the Exchange mode for mail setup.
GMail allows a contact to have a duplicate label for the phone category and so does Android. But on my iPhone i can only see the first number with the label Mobile, for that contact.
In the first picture, you can see that I’ve used the duplicate Mobile label for a contact named Test Contact.

Screenshot with Gmail contact duplicate mobile label

duplicate mobile label for Gmail contact on Gmail

The second picture shows the same contact synced with on my LG Android phone :

Picture with duplicate Mobile label on my LG P500 running Android


Sorry for the picture with the LG phone, but it seems i can’t take screenshots in a quick way.

And on the third, you only see the first number with the Mobile label, on the iPhone.

Screenshot showing only one phone number labeled Mobile, on iPhone

duplicate mobile label for Gmail contact on iPhone

So, if your only seeing one number for a person, on your iPhone, check the phone label for duplicate Mobile, Work, Home entries.
Also if you try to change a label for a second number to a label already used, you will see that you can’t.
I’ve tried changing the label to Home for the first number 0900123, but guess what – the second one still doesn’t appear on the iPhone, but the changes are recorded on Gmail and Android. To trigger the change i had to edit a contact’s detail on Android.

My iPhone4 is running IOS 4.3.5. The LG is running it’s stock 2.3.3 LG firmware.
I’ll check if IOS 5 allows duplicate tags for contacts, but i doubt it.

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