Dec 22 2014

Solve bluetooth mouse disconnecting under Windows

After buying a new mouse, a Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth Mouse, and connecting it to my Lenovo E440 laptop, i noticed random disconnects a few times a day. These were not normal, the mouse was not working even after a button click.

Windows event viewer message : Bluetooth HID device either went out of range or became unresponsive.

Searching the forums only revealed that most people with the same problem have a Intel N 7260 wireless adapter.

Things I’ve tried :

  • Install : Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.3 64-bit
  • Update wireless Lenovo drivers from official site.
  • Update laptop BIOS from official site.
  • Disable power management for bluetooth adapter.
  • Update wireless drivers from Intel website. This was a big mistake, my bluetooth adapter was not recognized anymore in device manager. I had to do a system restore to correct this.

The only thing that worked was to disable power management for the wireless adapter (same for generic bluetooth adapter).

Disable wireless power management

Disable wireless power management

Disable bluetooth power management

Disable bluetooth power management

Bluetooth device instance path in device manager : USB\VID_8087&PID_07DC\5&340F1A3E&0&7

Tested on Lenvovo Thinkpad E440 with Windows 8.1 PRO 64bit, Intel Wireless N 7260, and Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth Mouse.


  1. Jessie Foster

    Hope it still works

  2. Brian Wade

    FWIW, this is still a problem with Windows 10. I somewhat rarely do Bootcamp on my Mac, but had a need to do so. Saw a ton of (not unexpected) pending updates (I should note everything was fine at this point). After letting all the mass updates download and apply, my Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse stopped responding. I noticed a few things:

    1) Turning off/on Bluetooth would allow it to work for about 10 seconds.
    2) Microsoft’s troubleshooting tool would constantly “fix” something with my Bluetooth radio every time I ran it (and my mouse would work again for 10 seconds)
    3) Event viewer message was verbatim to what you have above, however on Windows 10 I had to disable Power Management (in Device Manager) on:

    Bluetooth -> Bluetooth Radio
    Human Interface Devices -> Microsoft Hardware Bluetooth Device

    Thanks again for jogging my memory…I think I was hear a few years ago when I first updated to Windows 10…

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