NVR Planet IVS-100 software and firmware

If you hava an old Planet IVS-100 NVR and need info or software for it, keep on reading.

Default IP :
Default user : admin
Default password : none, leave this filed blank
Power requirements : 12V / 400mA

Firmware version 221 (latest) : FW-IVS100v221.zip

Firmware version 213 (older) : FW-IVS100_213.zip

Lan utility (ipeditv3) : ipeditv3.zip

Planet IVS-100 specs (PDF) : Manual Planet IVS-100 specs

Planet IVS-100 manual (PDF) : Manual Planet IVS-100

CamView v.1.1.2 : CamView1.1.2.zip utility

Instructions for firmware upgrade :

Before firmware upgrade, please be sure to check the following notes before proceeding firmware upgrade.
1) Please disable the camera tour function.
2) Please disable the motion detection function.
3) Please reduce the frame rate to 1fps.
4) Please modify the resolution to smallest one.
5) Keep power supply stable during firmware upgrade. Power failure or interrupt the upgrading procedure will damage machine permanently.

PS : I’ve found that Planet IVS-100 NVR work with iSpy. I’ll post an article later with the details.

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