Lexmark X560n network scan

To configure network scanning to a shared folder follow these simple steps.

1. Configure your Lexmark X560n network address. To do this you need to enter the printer’s menu using it’s physical buttons.
In my case it is :

2. On a PC within the same network , open a browser and type the printer’s address : //
You should see the following page :

3. Click on Address Book. The click on Individual Directory under Server Address Book :

4. As you can see I already have two network locations defined. To add a network location click on Add :

5. Because we are using Windows or Samba shares we must select SMB instead of FTP.Also the port number must be 139.

6. The first example (Directory entry 01) is for a network location found in a subfolder named 2012 found in \\\lekmark\organizare\scan

Depending on your network setup you may have to use a valid username and password.

For public shares (Windows 7 share with Everyone group set to Read / Write) you can leave the fields Login Name and Login Password blank.

7. The other example is for a shared folder test located in \\

Lexmark X560n driver : Lexmark_ACF_Admin

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