Lenovo ThinkPad X200s Bios update failed solution

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X200s that has received a SSD instead of it’s 250GB HDD.
After reinstalling Windows 7 PRO x64, the integrated camera was not detected by Skype or Yahoo Messenger.
After checking BIOS settings and verifing that the camera is enabled i decided to update the BIOS.

The latest BIOS available at the time was 3.22-1.07

I used the Windows utility instead of the Bootable CD method.

After the update was complete, the utility asked for a reboot. After that, i had a blank screen at boot with the bluetooth, N led and power LED on.

I disconnected the battery and AC power, waited 30 de minutes but it had no effect.

I even tried to swap the RAM modules or leaving just one. Leaving the laptop without RAM modules just made it beep.

I left the laptop running for more than 15 minutes and IT BOOTED. I saw the boot logo for a few seconds, then it went dark again. I kept waiting and after another 15 minutes it booted to Windows.

I searched on the web about this problem and found a user that said it’s because of a conflict with AMT older firmware.

I’ve downloaded the AMT firmware package, extracted¬†it and followed the info (go to an admin command prompt, go to the extracted¬†directory and run MEInfoWin.exe.

Fulll instructions on the Lenovo website.

You should get :


Copyright(C) 2004-2011 Intel(R) Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

AMT SKU Found.
Intel(R) MEInfo Win Version:

BIOS Version: 6DET72WW (3.22 )

Intel(R) AMT code versions:
Flash: 4.0.3
Netstack: 4.0.3
Apps: 4.0.3
Intel(R) AMT: 4.0.3
VendorID: 8086
Build Number: 1124

Intel(R) AMT Mode:
Link status: Link down
Cryptography fuse: Enabled
Flash protection: Enabled
Last ME reset reason: Power up
Configuration state: Not started
BIOS boot State: Post Boot
Host Mac Address: 00-1f-16-0c-48-83
Wireless MAC address: 00-00-00-00-00-00
FWU Override Counter: Always
FWU Override Qualifier: Always
Wireless Driver Version: Not Available
Wireless Hardware Version: Not Available
UNS Version: Not available
LMS Version: Not Available
MEI Driver version:
MEBx Version:
FT Version: 4.0
FT Build Number: 1124
Manageability Mode: AMT
Local FWUpdate: Enabled
Secure FWUpdate: Enabled
Error:80284008 while Tbsi_Context_Create.
Create Context failed
TPM fuses (MCH/ICH/soft strap MCH/ soft strap ICH): Enabled
FW behavior on Flash Descriptor Override Pin-Strap: Halt

Then run MEUPDATE.cmd.

That’s it. Reboot and everything should be normal.


    • Michael on January 29, 2016 at 8:04 am
    • Reply

    Hi Bogdan,

    Your post is interesting because I have also had trouble upgrading an X200s with an integrated camera. The device is not detected by the BIOS and the power LED for the camera never turns on. However, the seller for the camera insisted that the item was tested and in working order before shipping.

    I finally decided to take the risk of flashing the BIOS in the hope that the latest version (3.22) would fix the problem, but it’s still useless. Have you had any luck in getting your camera to work?

    1. No, i had to change the camera.

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