VMWare ESXi 5.0 on IBM x3250

My IBM x3250 (4364-K1G) server just suffered some changes because there was a problem with VMWare ESXi 4.1 Update 1 and the RAID 1 setup. No matter what HDD’s i used i couldn’t install ESXi 4.1 Update 1.
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Password protect apache directory with htaccess

Protect web folder using Apache’s .htaccess method.

Create a new htaccess file in the folder you want to be protected. Name it .htaccess Continue reading

Mail ports protocols : POP, IMAP, SMTP

Email protocols explained :

For those who want a simple explanation for e-mail ports and protocols here it is :

Port 143 TCP : IMAP
Port 465 TCP : SMTPS (SSL)
Port 587 TCP : alternate SMTP, sometimes used if your ISP blocks port 25
Port 993 TCP : IMAPS (SSL)
Port 995 TCP : POP3S / POP3 TLS/SSL

TLS can be used on any port.
TLS it’s backwards compatible with older versions of SSL.
TLS it’s open stadandard, and it’s the succesor of SSL.

SSL has it’s own ports : 465 or 993.

Examples of use :

Gmail.com :

IBM x3250 server

Hardware equipment upgrade in progress !
Because the requirements have changed and i am now hosting a few domains, i decided to buy a new server.
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Postfix time log date and local time

Looking through the logs of one of my mail servers i noticed a time difference in the mail log.
If you look at the line numbers 6,7,11 and 13 you will see a 3 hour difference.
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Postfix error – mail for domain loops back to myself

I am hosting multiple domains on my box, using this guide on howtoforge.com, and after creating the first mailbox on one of them, yesterday i encountered an error :

mail for domain scariinterioare.net loops back to myself

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Windows XP USB Floppy problem

One day i needed to install Windows XP on a laptop with Intel SATA AHCI enabled. I failed integrating the drivers with nLite (it’s because i used a SP3 version, instead of XP SP2 – but this is another story).
It appears that Windows XP doesn’t “support” my USB Floppy during it’s install. Yes, it sees the SATA drivers from the diskette but it fails to read them in order to transfer the file on the drive, during SETUP.
Details about my USB Floppy drive :

Freecom USB Floppy Disk
NEC Corporation
PN : 1354-508086-113-0
UF00002 rev.A

Plugging the USB floppy drive in a working system we see this in device manager :


Resolution : we need to edit a file from Windows install CD.


ADD after “USB\VID_0644&PID_0000” = usbstor

this :

USB\VID_0409&PID_0040 = “usbstor”

Burn the ISO with the modified file and you’re done.