Jun 24 2014

Huawei HG655b router firmware 25

Firmware for Huawei HG655b routers. Usually the stock firmware is v18.

Steps :

1. Download the firmware.

Click here to download.

2. Save the router config file.

Login to the router’s web interface. Usually the adress is :
Go to the router’s administration page to Maintenance -> Device -> Configuration file.
Save the current settings by pressing Download Configuration File.

3. Install the firmware.

Maintenance -> Device -> Firmware Upgrade.
Choose the firmware you downloaded then wait for 2 minutes for the flashing process to end.

4. Load the config file you saved at step 2

Go to Maintenance -> Device -> Configuration file and click Upload Configuration File.

WARNING : Do not power off the router during the firmware upgrade.

WARNING : Flashing your router’s firmware might damage it. Use it on your own risk.


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  1. catalin marius

    multumesc pentru firmware, am un router sa il fac mearga pe akta.

    1. petre

      salut.spune mi si mie te rog cum ai facut sa i faci wan.ms

  2. Satheeq

    After upgrading, I am unable to use my broad band dongle. How can I re-install the 18 firmware version.

  3. Priyantha

    After upgrading, I am unable to use my broad band dongle.

    Huawei HG655b(V100R001C07B018) firmware please give me download link.

    thank you.

  4. salih

    Thanks a lot

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