WordPress and plugin automatic updates

If you purchase a Web Hosting product from a provider like GoDaddy in order to run a WordPress website you may notice after a day that your WordPress website is not working anymore.

I had a Web Hosting Maximum (with cPANEL) plan for a website that i just migrated two days ago. After the migration i checked all the pages and everything was working normally. This was not the case after two days.

When i tried to browse it, i was greeted with the message: “There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions”.

I could login in to WordPress, but not browse it as a normal visitor.

The error log was complaining about a missing class in the Elementor theme. One of the solutions was to downgrade some plugins. Since the website was still available on my old hosting, I compared the versions of the plugins between the old and new hosting and discovered that the plugins were newer (latest) on the latter.

I know for sure that all the plugins had their updates disabled, so i started to search on GoDaddy’s interface for settings regarding WordPress updates. I didn’t see anything so i turned my attention to the cPANEL interface. It seems GoDaddy is using Installatron – one click web application installer (https://installatron.com).

If you check your cPANEL dashboard, in the left you will notice a “Applications” section. Click on it and you will see your website. I migrated the website on february 9 but the panel said that it was also updated on the same day. But i did not install any updates. Also there was a backup on february 10, but today is 11 so the backup is taken after the updates.

If you click the wrench and scroll a bit down you will find the problem. By default all the update options are enabled.

So i did the migration again, set all options on “do not automatically update” and solved the problem.

Note: Clicking the wrench did nothing for me when i was in the middle of the migration and my database was emtpy. Restore your website first, then adjust the update options.

Also, WP Toolkit has something similar:

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