Unable to move message the message cannot be moved to the mailbox trash

If you receive the error message : Unable to move message The message cannot be moved to the mailbox trash when trying to delete a mail message on your IMAP mailbox, here is the fix :
1. Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
2. From accounts, select your mail account :


Iphone mail accounts

3. Click on your account again :
Select mail account

Select mail account

4. Scroll down and click on Advanced :
Advanced button

Click advanced button

5. Click on Deleted Mailbox :
Deleted Mailbox

Click Deleted Mailbox

6. Click on Trash, under On My Iphone :
Iphone trash

Trash under On My Iphone

7. You won’t see anything happening, but now it should work.

Tested on iPhone4 running 4.3.5.

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