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Network printing from Windows 7 64bit to a HP 1320 printer connected to Windows XP

If you are trying to install HP 1320 printer connected to Windows XP on a network PC with Windows 7 64 bit, you will need a suitable driver.

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Install bridged OpenVPN on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 Server and configure Windows 8.1 x64 client

This tutorial is based on the document found here with a few minor corrections and a sample config file, used on OpenVPN client running on Windows 8.1 PRO x64.

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Fix 800×600 resolution on Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V5535 running Lubuntu 14.04

Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V5535

From here : System info :

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How to monitor Mustek PowerMust 2012 UPS with Ubuntu Server 14

In the next tutorial I will show you how to monitor a Mustek PowerMust 2012 UPS with Ubuntu Server 14. The UPS is connected to the server using a USB cable. Ubuntu server details :

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Solve bluetooth mouse disconnecting under Windows

After buying a new mouse, a Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth Mouse, and connecting it to my Lenovo E440 laptop, i noticed random disconnects a few times a day. These were not normal, the mouse was not working even after a button click. Windows event viewer message : Bluetooth HID device either went out of range or became unresponsive.

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Browser redirections and virus removal

I received a computer that was opening ads after loading webpages. The browsers (Chrome and IE) were redirecting to page. The computer was recently reinstalled with Windows 7 and had Microsoft Security Essentials installed. The owner was for a few days in Italy and returned home (in Romania) with this problem. The strange thing …

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Lenovo ThinkPad X200s Bios update failed solution

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X200s that has received a SSD instead of it’s 250GB HDD. After reinstalling Windows 7 PRO x64, the integrated camera was not detected by Skype or Yahoo Messenger. After checking BIOS settings and verifing that the camera is enabled i decided to update the BIOS.

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