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HP Smart Array B320i on DL360e Gen8 and Ubuntu 14

In order to use the HP Smart Array B320i raid controller on Ubuntu 14, instead of the onboard SATA controller, you need to do the following steps. It worked for me.

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Enable SSL for Owncloud 8 on Ubuntu

This was tested on Ubuntu Server Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS x64 running Owncloud 8.0.4

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Network printing from Windows 7 64bit to a HP 1320 printer connected to Windows XP

If you are trying to install HP 1320 printer connected to Windows XP on a network PC with Windows 7 64 bit, you will need a suitable driver.

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Install bridged OpenVPN on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 Server and configure Windows 8.1 x64 client

This tutorial is based on the document found here with a few minor corrections and a sample config file, used on OpenVPN client running on Windows 8.1 PRO x64.

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Fix 800×600 resolution on Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V5535 running Lubuntu 14.04

Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V5535

From here : System info :

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How to monitor Mustek PowerMust 2012 UPS with Ubuntu Server 14

In the next tutorial I will show you how to monitor a Mustek PowerMust 2012 UPS with Ubuntu Server 14. The UPS is connected to the server using a USB cable. Ubuntu server details :

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Solve bluetooth mouse disconnecting under Windows

After buying a new mouse, a Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth Mouse, and connecting it to my Lenovo E440 laptop, i noticed random disconnects a few times a day. These were not normal, the mouse was not working even after a button click. Windows event viewer message : Bluetooth HID device either went out of range or became unresponsive.

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