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VMWare ESXi 5.0 on IBM x3250

ESXi 5.0 on IBM x3250 4364-K1G

My IBM x3250 (4364-K1G) server just suffered some changes because there was a problem with VMWare ESXi 4.1 Update 1 and the RAID 1 setup. No matter what HDD’s i used i couldn’t install ESXi 4.1 Update 1. There were write errors during ESXi 4.1 install process.

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Password protect apache directory with htaccess

Protect web folder using Apache’s .htaccess method. Create a new htaccess file in the folder you want to be protected. Name it .htaccess

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Mail ports protocols : POP, IMAP, SMTP

Email protocols explained : For those who want a simple explanation for e-mail ports and protocols here it is : PORT 25 TCP : SMTP PORT 110 TCP : POP3 Port 143 TCP : IMAP Port 465 TCP : SMTPS (SSL) Port 587 TCP : alternate SMTP, sometimes used if your ISP blocks port 25 …

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IBM x3250 server

IBM x3250 inside

Hardware equipment upgrade in progress ! Because the requirements have changed and i am now hosting a few domains, i decided to buy a new server.

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Postfix time log date and local time

Looking through the logs of one of my mail servers i noticed a time difference in the mail log. If you look at the line numbers 6,7,11 and 13 you will see a 3 hour difference.

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Postfix error – mail for domain loops back to myself

I am hosting multiple domains on my box, using this guide on, and after creating the first mailbox on one of them, yesterday i encountered an error : mail for domain loops back to myself

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Windows XP USB Floppy problem

One day i needed to install Windows XP on a laptop with Intel SATA AHCI enabled. I failed integrating the drivers with nLite (it’s because i used a SP3 version, instead of XP SP2 – but this is another story). It appears that Windows XP doesn’t “support” my USB Floppy during it’s install. Yes, it …

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