Jan 28 2018

Dell Vostro 270 Inspiron 660 pinout

This is the pinout for Dell motherboards found on Vostro 270 / Inspiron 660 motherboards (on possibly others).

I found the pins for : power switch, hdd LED, power LED that need to be connected to the case.

Click on the pictures to view the larger version of the image.

First pic is with the motherboard :

Second picture is with the front header pins on motherboard. Note that i have a wireless adapter mounted.

Close image with the Dell Vostro 270 / Inspiron 660 motherboard

Third pic is with the diagram :

Pinout diagram for dell inspiron 660 – vostro 270 motherboard front header

Fourh picture is with my final cables :

My Dell Vostro front panel cables from case

Hope it helped.

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  1. Alex

    Yes, it helped, thank you very much!

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