QNAP TS-x73 RAM install

When installing RAM memory in QNAP TS-x73 we need to know what slots to use because there are 4 slots labelled A1, A2, B1, B2.

When looking at the NAS from the side, with the motherboard and RAM in front of you, the slots are labelled from left to right in this order : B2, B1, A2, A1.

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How to edit AWS Route53 DNS records from CLI

If you use AWS and you need to update the Route53 from the CLI there are a few methods.

You can use cli53 tool from github or aws route53 CLI commands. In this post we will use aws route53.

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Synology VPN – TLS Error Unroutable control packet received from

If your VPN connection suddenly stops working when you are using a Synology NAS with Synology VPN Server this may be caused by a few reasons.

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Nextcloud OnlyOffice document security token error

I am running Nextcloud and OnlyOffice Document server in different Portainer stacks. They are behind a Traefik docker container used as a reverse proxy.

When updating Nextcloud from one version to another i sometimes get the error below, when trying to open DOCX / XLSX files:

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Veeam – cannot install PowerShell v5.1

When I tried to install VEEAM 11 on a Windows 7 x64 VM, it couldn’t install Microsoft PowerShell v5.1. The reason is very simple, it needs Windows Update service enabled and a working internet connection.

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Filezilla – unknown eventType 37 Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing sftp

If you use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) instead of FTP and receive “unknown eventType 37 Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing sftp”, then check your homedir permissions for the user.

In my case the owner of the user’s home folder was another user. The message from Filezilla wasn’t clear, but thankfully WinSCP knows to throw a “permission error” message.